How to respond to a poor Google Places review is one of the most common queries I get from potential clients. So today, I will share with you six great business ideas on how to reply to a negative review.

Opinions differ on the potency or impact of negative reviews, with some claiming that one-third of customers choose to do business with you based on reviews. In contrast, others claim the ratio is significantly greater. In either instance, the business owner or general manager must pay attention to the internet evaluations they are receiving, or they will continue to wonder why they are not receiving more clients. To Buy Google Reviews can encourage your delighted customers to provide “5 star” online evaluations is simple. 

However, here’s a quick rundown of a few of the things you should be looking at:

  • Encourage your employees to actively seek reviews and comments from all of your patients who compliment you, your services, office, or staff! Seek out people who have good things to say about you on purpose to maximize the good things that are spoken about you. It may sound prejudiced (and it is!), but if you just ask individuals who have good things to say about you to say them, you’ll get a lot more favorable feedback!
  • Turn these good things into Google “5-star” reviews! Google reviews are frequently the first thing people read, and they are nearly universally trusted – and you want as many as possible!
  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: nothing beats testimonials and other forms of social evidence for demonstrating your brilliance! Get a choice of these in the video, audio, and plain text, and post them to your website, Google+, and YouTube!
  • Write articles and press releases about yourself and your practice that “sell you” and include these testimonials. Once printed, these can be turned into posters for clinic waiting rooms and locker rooms, included in newsletters and other pieces, and even published online and distributed through various online PR web services.

Yes, I understand that this implies that you must take action to expand your business and develop your profession. Yes, you may need to do some work to attract more patients to use your services… but if you’re in a tight race with the therapist down the block, you need to take action – and these four steps are just what you need!

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