You can also play around with different repayment amounts and time frames to see if you can find an option that works with your budget. The delinquency rate is the percentage of loans in a bank’s portfolio that are past due. It is a key indicator for financial market analysts.

Calculate Delinquent Payments

연체자대출 interest is the amount of money a borrower owes for missed payments on their loan. Generally, there is a stipulated time frame after which the loan becomes delinquent. Once the loan goes delinquent, lenders begin the process of retrieving the debt using third-party collection agencies.

Banks that make loans as their main business are generally rated based on the delinquency rate of their loan portfolio. The delinquency rate is calculated by dividing the number of delinquent loans in a bank’s portfolio by the total number of loans. This calculator is useful for figuring out the current loan balance of a borrower who did not make regular payments as stipulated in their original loan terms. The “Estimated Delq Days” columns provide two results: one based on the current account balance in CU*BASE, and the other based on an original amortization schedule that was created.

Calculate Interest

Interest is a payment made regularly at a particular rate for the use of money lent or for delaying the repayment of debt. It can add significantly to the total cost of borrowing. Use this calculator to find out how much of your monthly loan payment is interest, and how much you will pay in total interest over the term of the loan. It also reveals the amount of your remaining principal, if any. Note that this calculator uses compounding, which means the daily accrued interest is added to the existing principal balance. Most loans only compound once per month, but some do so more frequently.

Many people don’t fully understand how interest works. This calculator helps, but you should always do your own research as well. Understanding the different types of interest is important. Ideally, you should try to pay off your loan as quickly as possible and avoid paying interest at all. Using extra principal payments with your regular monthly minimum payment is one of the best ways to do this.

Calculate Late Fees

Generally speaking, lenders report borrowers as delinquent once they are more than 60 days past due. The exact number of days overdue differs from lender to lender. Once a borrower is delinquent, it can be difficult to bring an account current without incurring additional late fees. Some lenders may offer a grace period, which allows for a borrower to pay all or most of their late fee(s) and then come current without paying any additional late fees. Using a delinquent loan 이자계산기 can help you determine how much interest you will be charged for an overdue payment.

Most lenders charge a daily penalty interest rate on overdue invoices and also may add in a one-time fixed compensation fee. Using a calculator helps you easily determine these amounts and keep your customer up-to-date with late fee charges as their account status changes. You can even use the calculator to calculate line payment options and rates. The results are fast, accurate and can be saved for future reference. This tool is only available to non-corporate Commonwealth entities for procurement contracts covered by Resource Management Guide 417 Supplier pay on time or pay interest policy.

Calculate Payments

Whether you’re making payments on time or not, interest continues to accrue, so even paying just a little more than the minimum each month can significantly reduce your total loan cost. This calculator can help you figure out how much you could save by doing just that. The calculator can be used for many types of debt. It helps you determine the monthly payment amount and total interest you’ll pay based on your loan amount, the amount of time left to repay it and the loan’s interest rate.

Some loans, such as credit card debt and payday debt, are structured with high interest rates, whereas others, like mortgages and student loans, come with lower rates. Your own credit history and current market conditions also influence the loan’s interest rate. The calculator offers two options: calculate by monthly payment or calculate by payoff date. Play around with each one to find the best match for your budget and goals.


Use this loan interest calculator to see how much of your monthly payment goes toward interest. Try varying the loan terms to find a payment plan that fits your budget. This calculation works for loans that are amortized with payments spread evenly over their lifetimes. It doesn’t work for balloon loans, which have a single, lump sum due at maturity.

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