Jay is Games is a video game review site that features games of interest to casual gamers. It also conducts game design competitions that have received positive responses from developers. Recently, the website featured a game called Pangolin from Feed Tank that does a great job straddling genres. It is a fun and entertaining physics-based arcade game.

Game Reviews

Jay is Games is a game review site that offers many different types of reviews. It also features a variety of contests and awards over the years. It was created on April 19th, 2003 by Jay Bibby, and initially followed a personal blog-like format. Later, he began to cover various video game genres and brought on several writers. The website is primarily about flash/browser games, and occasionally covers mobile or download games as well. There are certain days of the week that are assigned to special sections. Monday is the Mobile Monday section, and is devoted to news about select mobile games. Friday is the Link Dump Friday section, and is mainly about browser or download games that have been released recently.

The website uses a four-level rating system for the games it reviews, which describes what types of offensive content a game might contain. The ratings include a 😀 face (green rating, which means no offensive content), a :O face (yellow rating, for games that may have minor offensive elements), a :S face (orange rating, for games with more than one type of offensive element), and an XP face, which is the highest a game can be rated.

Game Design Competitions

Leading casual games site Jay is Games continues its advocacy for the booming world of indie game development with this latest browser-based game design competition, to know more click here jayisgames.com/review/-as-we-near-the.php. Developers can submit games that incorporate a theme, which this time is “ball physics.” Games must be original and in general release (available to play on the Web) before October 1st to qualify. Among the entries into this competition, there are some real standouts. One, called Balancing Act, challenges players to balance a collection of balls and other ball-ish objects. Another, called Particle Blaster, is a simple yet intense space shooter.

From Derek Brandao, Break Into is an arcade-style action game that implements the “ball physics” theme well. Finally, from Monsterkodi and Mutizwa Chirunga of LTD (Living the Dream) Studios, Koogel is an arcade-style pinball game with a twist. Please welcome all of these games with your kind feedback and constructive criticism in the comments section. The judging period for this competition will last 3 weeks.

Best Of Contests

The Best of contests were offered in the past on Jay is Games, and allow viewers to vote for games they think are the best in a particular category. Viewers are allowed to vote for each game once per day, and games with the highest percentage of votes will be shown first. These games were not limited to any particular genre, and could include platform games, puzzles, or even shooters. The contests were also open to all developers, regardless of age or location. The prizes for these contests ranged from cash to gift certificates.

Other popular contests included a community riddle, and a Babylon Sticks caption contest. The winners of these contests would win a six month Incredibots 2 Supporter membership. In 2009, the contest rules were changed slightly – categories were added, and games had to be nominated for a specific category. The most important change, however, was the addition of a “Browser” and “Download” section, which allowed more refined voting for games that were not necessarily flash or indie.


In addition to game reviews, jayisgames also offers awards to games that have been reviewed and awarded by the site’s staff. These are called “Best of contests.” Viewers can vote for a game in one of the categories, and the top five voted games will win the award. The winners receive a cash prize and sometimes relevant gifts, such as an Adobe Flash download.

The 2012 Best of contests changed the format of previous years, with Action and Arcade being combined into a single category, Adventure being split into its own category, and the Word or Tabletop genre being added. Nitrome games received a total of thirteen nominations, with Swindler winning in the Physics category and Fantastic Contraption Prius Edition taking the Puzzle-Platform prize. The contest also had a user-created level competition, where commentors made a challenge using the Fantastic Contraption level editor. The winner of this competition won a six month Incredibots Supporter membership.


Originally founded by Jay Bibby, jayisgames is a game review site that has been known for its various games competitions. The site is run like a blog, with commenters contributing to each post. Games are reviewed according to their content. This includes content ratings that denote what types of offensive content a game has.

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